Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beat the Bloat!~

Ok folks.  Let's not beat around the bush because I know we are all guilty!  We ate waaaay too much food over these last two weeks and chances are a lot of that food didn't have a whole lot of nutritional value...
Guilty as charged.
So, as is traditional, we set our sights on getting our bodies back into balance through diet and exercise... as soon as the lethargy wears off!  One of the best things I have found is having a very beneficial whole grain, like brown rice or quinoa, at every meal for a while.  Yes, even breakfast! See if it doesn't change the way you feel after a few days.  I've been known to mix some rice together with my yogurt for breakfast or eat it alongside some steamed greens.  I realize that may not seem like conventional breakfast food, but seriously!  You will notice a difference in your digestion (a welcome change after the holiday habits) as well as a general healthful feeling.  
Now of course, the foods you eat along with it ought to be healthful as well.  Eating a whole grain like quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) along with a Butterfinger and potato chips is obviously going to be counter-productive.  Be choosy.  Lots of plant based foods with lots of variety and color either mixed in with the quinoa or next to it and I am pretty sure your body will thank you!  
Do not settle for boring and bland!  Check out this great recipe for Quinoa Salad With Apples I found on Pinterest:

This yummy recipe came from
Or this beauty from for Garlic Fried Rice:

Couple that with some great Yoga classes to get everything open and grounded and the oxygen flowing through your body and your digestive tract will really thank you!
Happy 2012!