Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Wellness Part 1~

Groundhog's Day is behind us and we are now looking ahead to Spring!  I personally can not wait...  However, February is upon us in all it's wintery goodness and along with it, for many, more cold and flu season.  Some might even say round 2 of said season!  No fun!
So, while I could go on and on about many different prevention protocols, I'm only going to scratch the surface with just a few but very beneficial ways to boost the immune system and hopefully steer clear of bummer viruses.

AVOID SUGAR~  Did you know that the consumption of sugar, even those in natural form, can lower your white blood cell count up to 40%, thus weakening your immune system, for up to 4 hours?

Rather than indulging the sweet tooth with sugar, try to fix yourself up with something loaded with antioxidants like a smoothie full of blueberries?  Fill yourself up with nutrient rich foods full of the vitamins your body needs to stay balanced and prepared in order to defend your health.  You wanna beef up your immune system, not depress it!

TAKE IMMUNE BOOSTING HERBS~ One of my absolute favorite herbs is Astragalus Root.
Astragalus is known to stimulate the activity of white blood cells, making it a great immunity booster.

  It is great to use if you find yourself frequently exposed to viral illnesses (ex: teachers).  It can be taken in a tea, tincture or even in pill form.  As a legume, it can even be eaten in a soup!
Of course a nice glass of orange juice is a "super yum" way to build up your immunity.  (Throw it in that smoothie previously mentioned!)
 Elderberries are another great (and yummy) immunity booster and you can find my tutorial on how to make elderberry syrup here.

STAY AWAY FROM "ANTIBACTERIAL" PRODUCTS!~ That's right, you heard me.  Back away from the hand sanitizer!

Don't Do It!
By using hand sanitizer, we are killing bacteria and making more room for the more resistant strains to grow and spread.  When we simply wash our hands the old school way, with soap and water, we simply wash bacteria down the drain leaving the simple strains and the more complex strains to compete with each other for their food and lodging.
Also, not all bacteria is meant to be killed!  There are hundreds of species of bacteria living (and supporting) our digestion, teaching our immune systems how to fight and even helping to prevent harmful strains from setting up house in our bodies.  When we sanitize ourselves with anti-bacterial products, we rid ourselves and our children of necessary intestinal microflora... which can lead to allergies.
Consider this:  If a sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria, what .1% is still alive?  Perhaps the strongest?

So, here are just a few things to keep in mind as cold and flu viruses make there rounds.  Limit your sugar intake, boost your immune system and wash with soap and water.  Easy Peasy!

In Part 2 of this "mini-series" I will fill you in on ways you can care for yourself if you do get sick.
If are looking for astragalus root, or want to make some elderberry syrup, you can find everything you need here:

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Stay Healthy!

None of the statements in this post are meant to be a diagnosis or prescription.  They are merely suggestions based on my own research and study of natural health and wellness.  I encourage everyone to be sure to do their own research concerning natural health and wellness.  In the wonderful world of nature and herbs it is important to have the right information!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know that about sugar. These are great tips Megan. Thanks for sharing them!