Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beauty Subscriptions

"Scrub Of The Month"?  Why the heck not?  
I am so incredibly pleased to introduce the first of several upcoming Gift Clubs available at Phytotherapy!
Now that Summer has finally arrived, I've been having a blast pouring my heart and soul into Phytotherapy and developing new products and ideas for you.  Some of these developments include a vast array of basic sugar, emollient and whipped scrubs... Each one unique and delicious!  So I said to myself, "Self.  You know you probably have enough of a variety of scrubs to cover every month of the year, and scents to go along with every season..." and BOOSH! Gift Club was born.

The beauty is in the process.  (Please take note of the "Certified Organic"
sticker in the background: Booyah!)  Doesn't hibiscus add SUCH a beautiful color??

There are options here, too, people.  Subscriptions are available in quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly packages, depending on what suits you or the beloved person you may be gifting these to.  AND, if you so choose, you can add the birthday month of the recipient (which might even be yourself...) and they will recieve an EXTRA celebratory scrub!  How lovely.

Grapefruit n' Basil Body Polish
Too hard to choose one, so why not get them all?

Each scrub is made with the highest quality vegan, natural, organic and/or fairly traded ingredients. Not only are they a little piece of heaven in your shower, but they are also moisturizing. That's right. You will be exfoliating AND moisturizing, all while taking in the aromatherapy provided by each scrub... Nothing like multi-tasking, eh?

Hibiscus with Vanilla Bean Infused Coconut Oil... Holla!
A loverly scrub with soothing Epsom Salts.

A one year subscription includes:
Jan~ Lavender/ Basil (Soothing Salt Scrub)
Feb~ Hot Chocolate (Whipped)
March~ Brown Sugar/ Vanilla (Sugar Scrub)
April~ Coconut/Lime (Body Polish)
May~ Green Tea n' Mint (Sugar Scrub)
June~ Calendula Orange (Emulsified)
July~ Hibiscus n' coconut (Soothing Salt Scrub)
Aug~ Grapefruit n' Basil (Body Polish)
Sept~ Coconut/ Vanilla Bean (Whipped- includes Shea!)
Oct~ Sweet Orange n' Clove (Sugar Scrub)
Nov~ Mocha Morning (Emulsified)
Dec~ Peppermint (whipped)

Quarterly and bi-monthly subscriptions come with "Surprise Me" and "Customer's Choice" options.
Stay tuned for "Butter of the Month" and a "Balm/Salve of the Month" Gift Clubs as well.  Oh yeah.  I went there.