Friday, October 10, 2014

Greening Your Cleaning~ Creating an inviting, non-toxic environment for your holiday guests through greener homekeeping!

Some of you are more than ready to think about all the Holiday fun just around the corner! ...And, some of you just covered your ears and started humming at just the thought of it all...

And, whether company's coming or not, you still gotta clean, right?  If you are like me during these last three months of the year, not only do you want to create a clean home, but also an inviting atmosphere? Ambiance, if you will.  Warm scents, nice lighting and all that?  Speaking of atmosphere...

Home is the one place we spend most of our time.  It's where (hopefully) the people we love most live, or visit.  I don't think it would be earth shattering news to you if I told you that two of the biggest factors that cause an accumulation of toxins in our bodies is the stuff we use to clean our homes with and the stuff we use for body care.  In an effort to create a clean, safe, and welcoming environment with heavy commercial cleaners, we are actually counteracting our intent by creating high emissions and off-gassing from chemical toxins.  But we can't just not clean the house, right?

I have great news!  We can make changes that are safe, extremely effective (both in cleaning and in cost), smell good, and you won't even have to wear a mask!  We can rid our homes of microbes and purify our air without it costing our health.

On Saturday, November 1st, The Salem Etsy Team and Phytotherapy will be hosting a workshop at The Fussy Duck!  (Wait.  What? Three amazing entities, all under the same umbrella??) After lots of talk, planning and dreaming, I am (finally) ready to bring you some wonderful workshops in the Salem area, beginning with this one:

 I'm excited about this workshop, not only because I can help participants improve the air quality in their own homes during these long Oregonian indoor months, but also because these easy and effective changes actually make cleaning, dare I say it?... Enjoyable!  You don't have to be afraid of breathing while your cleaning and you can smile confidently when people tell you your house smells good!  (And, perhaps other family members will want to help??) So, start putting together your best "Cleaning The House" playlist, pump up the volume and lets get ready to clean!

Space is limited and registration ends October 25th.  To reserve a space, click below.

Green Cleaning Workshop

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