Feel Good, Smell Good... Why Not?

In an effort to help my family with some health issues, I began taking courses in Herbalism... While I am now a Family Herbalist, on my way to becoming a Master Herbalist, I discovered a new love/passion/hobby~

I love making my own bath and body products! I love putting things on my skin and knowing exactly whats in them. I love smelling good. I love that my hand crafted items are safe enough to eat! After making gifts for family and friends I began getting "re-orders" and inquiries about how much my creations cost... And that was the birth of Phytotherapy! I am happy to share with you the care I put into all my creations.
Everything from my shop is made from natural, organic, and/or fairly traded ingredients.  I believe in being a good steward of all the things I am blessed with (family, friends, home, faith, resources, etc.) and use this philosophy in my business.  All of my shipments are shipped with reused/recycled materials whenever possible and all of my handcrafted products are made with natural, organic, and/or fairly traded ingredients.
It is my wish that you will enjoy everything you find at Phytotherapy as much as I enjoy making it for you!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c