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Saturday, November 1, 2014
"Greening Your Cleaning"
(Located at The Fussy Duck, 3170 Commercial St SE) 

In this workshop you will learn about the importance of Prevention in Homekeeping by removing Environmental Risks in your cleaning routine.  We will discuss solutions to the modern day issue of chemical exposure/risks in commercial cleaners as well as learn how to make our own cleaners with ingredients that are safe and extremely effective… And smell good too!
Included in this workshop:
·         Basic education of what’s making us sick and changes we can make to improve the environmental quality in our homes.
·         15 Recipes cards for various household cleansers
·         Handy ingredient list of top 10 ingredients to keep on hand
·         Make and Take Tub and Tile Paste (Hands-on Instruction)

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Green Cleaning Workshop

Winter Wellness Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the biggest factors in prevention of illness as well as what we can do to boost our immune systems… Just in time for all the travel and get-togethers in the season that is upon us!  We will discuss the common habits and behavior that decrease the effectiveness of our bodies natural defenses as well as learn some great ways to “beef up” our natural ability to ward off illness.  We will also learn how to make Elderberry syrup, a wonderful (and yummy) natural immunity booster!  Included in this workshop:
·         How our diet can suppress or support our immune system
·         The botanical medicine cabinet
·         Informational Cards describing each herb discussed with description of proper use and dosing.
·         Recipes to incorporate for maximum health
·         Demonstration of how to make (Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry Pastilles, or Immune Boosting Lollipops) with a taste test at the end!

 Botanical First Aid/Travel Kit (Middle School and Up)
In this workshop we will discuss safe and natural remedies for the different types of “boo-boos”, tummy troubles, and sleep troubles that can sometimes trouble us when we are away from our normal environment, diet and sleep routine.  Whether you are out camping or traveling for the holidays, this is a great workshop to prepare for the sometimes inevitable.
This workshop includes:
·         Basic education in the use of herbs for minor cuts and scrapes, bruises, bug bites and stings, as well as motions sickness, constipation and trouble with sleep.
·         How to pack your Botanical Kit
·         Checklist including helpful hints, tips and recipes
·         Hands on instruction for making Citrus Cleanser (Make and Take)

DIY Spa Kit (Ages 8 to adult)
In this workshop, we will discuss natural and healthy ways to de-stress through natural herbal preparations and aromatherapy. We will learn how to pamper ourselves without poisoning ourselves!  This is a great workshop for those looking for a way to enjoy some healthy “me-time” as well as those looking for some fun ways to prepare some hand-made gifts for others.
This workshop includes:
·         Basic education on how what we put on our skin can affect our overall health
·         10 recipe cards for your own at-home spa
·         List of Top 10 natural ingredients to keep on hand
·         Hands on Demonstration of DIY pedicure preparations (Make and Take)

Mama’s and Babies~ Herbal Care for the 
Expecting Mom/New Mom (18+)
In this workshop we will discuss the common concerns in pregnancy (heartburn, anyone?) and the natural, safe ways to avoid/counteract them.  We will also discuss some of the aftercare for moms who’ve just given birth.
This workshop includes:
·         Basic education on how to prevent and treat the common pregnancy complaints
·         Lists of safe anti-inflammatory herbs along with recipes to use during and after pregnancy
·         A nice cup of herbal tea
·         Hands on demonstration of a bath tea to use after birth for Swelling and Soreness (Make and Take)

Natural Care for Baby’s First Year (18+)
In this workshop we will discuss a variety of common issues that can come up during babies first year and the natural ways to care for them.  This will include discussion on introduction of solid foods, ear infections and the overuse of antibiotics, colic and gas and how to administer herbal remedies whether through breast feeding or straight to baby.
This workshop includes:
·         Basic education on prevention/treatment of common baby illnesses and issues and how to treat them naturally
·         List of methods and techniques to use when treating babies with certain illnesses
·         Recipes for natural remedies safe for mom and baby
·         Hands on demonstration of ear oil (Make and Take antibiotic alternative for use during ear infections)

Phytotherapy for Tweens (Ages 8-12)
This multi-workshop series will cover many things from nutrition and basic kitchen skills, to healthy body care and natural living in a way that is geared towards tweens.  Healthy eating, proper hygiene, herbal remedies and even natural gift giving will be a part of this fun interactive series.
Details to come!

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